What's New?

A Little Tickle

old designAs of July, I've given this site a little bit of a tickle (or fettle if you will). The site was rather dark and moody, so in reaction to the pleasant early summer weather, it's now wearing a much lighter and more simple design.

The portfolio, cv and about.contact pages have also received new content and a layout change; though the site still remains purposefully very basic.

If you are annoyed / soothed / indifferent to the changes; give me a shout on twitter.

posted: 02-07-2011

Current Work

lilas I am happy to say since February 2010 I've been working as a New Media & Communications Officer for the Greater Shankill Partnership, Belfast. One of my many duties is the design, development, SEO, testing & maintenance of their online presence; so head on over to greatershankillpartnership.org or the facebook page.

updated: 23-06-2011

Lila's Design

lilas You can now see the Lila's.co.uk site on the portfolio page. The site was designed and produced by myself and Hardlight Multimedia on their CMS.

posted: 21-12-2009


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