Greater Shankill Partnership Web Presence


Date: February 2011
Roles: Graphic Design, Interface Design, IA, Development, Editor

The Greater Shankill Partnership is a community regeneration organisation based in Belfast's Shankill Road area. They asked me to design and build an online presence to serve the organisation on several levels.

I had the opportunity to conceive and build the site, with key stakeholders heavily involved in the design and testing process.

The site was launched in Feb '11 and is one of the most successful community websites in Belfast.



GSP Annual Report Newspaper


Date: May 2011
Roles: Project Manager, Production Liason, Image Selection & Preparation, Distribution, Editorial Team

In spring 2011, the Greater Shankill Partnership produced an annual report in the form of a tabloid newspaper. The report was produced in this format to better communicate with the key stakeholders; the thousands of residents of the Greater Shankill Area.

Copy and images were sourced from several programmes within GSP and compiled and structured into the document. The final product was delivered to thousands of homes and key funders via the Royal Mail.

The project received widespread, positive response; with residents requesting future publications.

Action Plan Approach Diagram

action plan diagram

Date: December 2010
Roles: Graphic Design

To summarise the re-worked Greater Shankill Neighbourhood Action Plan, a diagram was conceived in order to explain the focus and context of the plan.

The diagram (based on the inuit blanket) represents the life stages of a person's development, how they are supported by the family and community, and the external factors affecting their lives.

The vector image I designed was presented at the Greater Shankill Community Convention and has been included in the 2011 Neighbourhood Renewal Area Action Plan.



Date: December 2009
Roles: Graphic Design, Interface Design, IA

The Lila's site was produced by and built on the CMS of Hardlight Multimedia. The design brief was to impress the client with a "funky" contemporary design. This was acheived with grungy vectors and fonts.


Plastic Promotions


Date: October 2009
Roles: Graphic Design, Interface Design, IA, Development, Photography

Plastic Promotions are a N. Ireland based company who have been producing large plastic advertising models since the late 80's.

The design brief was to create a site which felt both professional enough to reflect the long standing of the business but also jovial enough to address the products of the company which are giant plastic ice cream cones. The company had existing corporate branding which included the plastic promotions logo and the two tone blue and white colour scheme.


Gillanders Town and Country

Date: October 2009
Roles: Graphic Design, Development

The Gillanders Town and Country site was produced by Hardlight Multimedia and is based on their CMS/e-commerce system.

CL Vacuum Systems

Date: August 2009
Roles: Graphic Design, Interface Design, IA

The CL Vacuum Systems site was designed by myself and sits on the content management system from Hardlight Multimedia. CL Vacuum Systems had an existing brand identity and the site was designed to comply with this identity. As the company sells cleaning systems the site was designed to feel clean, light & airy.

Edinburgh Now & Then

taken: january 2009


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